Oak Ridge, TN “The Not So Secret City”

Oak Ridge, TN has been known as the “Secret City” since 1942 when it was established by the US Government to serve as a home base for the Manhattan Project. The small town was built from nothing in a very remote location. In 3 years Oak Ridge, TN went from 3,000 to 75,000 due to the workers who came in. Believe or not most workers had no idea what was being built at the time, as it was a Secret!!! During that time everyone was quarantined and the project was a mystery. It wasn’t until America dropped the bomb on Japan that the citizens of Oak Ridge, TN realized what they had been a part of.
While some things here in Oak Ridge, TN remain top secret, one thing has changed. Oak Ridge, TN is no longer a secret. People travel here from all over the world to see what Oak Ridge, TN has to offer. What brings tourist here you might ask? The rich history alone is a great reason to visit Oak Ridge, TN. The American Museum of Science and Energy offers a 3 hour bus tour of some of these sites. During this tour you will see are the X-10 Graphite Reactor, New Bethel Church at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the visitor overlook at East Tennessee Technology Park (former home to the K-25 gaseous diffusion building), and Y12 New Hope History Center. This bus tour is included with the cost of admission to the museum and runs March-November. For more information on this tour visit the website at http://amse.org/.
It is also worth a visit to the historic “Jackson Square” Known today as The Historic Heart of Oak Ridge, TN. Jackson Square was known as the center of commerce for the military town in the 1940’s. There were bowling alleys, dime stores, and department stores back then. Today the original buildings still stand, but have been transformed into upscale and boutique shopping and dining experiences. More information about Jackson Square and upcoming events there can be found at http://jacksonsquareoakridge.org/
History is not the only attraction for tourist in Oak Ridge, TN. There are numerous hiking attractions for the outdoor lovers. The UT Arboretum is a wonderful place for hikers looking for beautiful scenery. The UT Arboretum offers over 5 miles of walking trails year round. There is something awesome to see on these trails during all seasons. Visit them online at http://utarboretum.tennessee.edu/arboretum.htm
There are also 12 greenways here in Oak Ridge, TN. Information on the greenways can be found at http://www.oakridgetn.gov/content/VISITORS/Greenways
If you happen to stay at WestGate Lodging in Oak Ridge, TN you only have to cross the street to enjoy the 7 miles (one way) North Boundary Trail. The wildlife is amazing and there is something to see no matter what time of year you visit. Trail information with maps can be found at http://tnlandforms.us/greenways/maps03/nb.html

The other activities and attractions that has put Oak Ridge, TN Tourism on the rise are the Oak Ridge Rowing Association at Melton Lake, the annual Secret City Festival, The Childrens Museum, and numerous other attractions and activities that have become such a huge part of Oak Ridge, TN.
Oak Ridge, TN is certainly not a secret anymore. But Oak Ridge, TN is filled with wonderful things to do no matter what your age. The citizens here are always ready to welcome tourist with open arms. And no matter why you decide to visit Oak Ridge, TN be sure and plan some time for seeing the City and all it has to offer. While Oak Ridge, TN has so much to see and do, we still offer that small town feel. And be sure and make your reservations with WestGate Lodging. At WestGate Lodging in Oak Ridge, TN we will personally treat you like family. You will not find a better deal in town. You can visit us on Online at http://www.westgateor.com or https://www.facebook.com/westgateor/
Call Gary or Cindy directly to make reservations at (865)481-0603. We can’t wait to have you visit us here at WestGate Lodging in Oak Ridge, TN.

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