Happy Holidays and 2018 News to report for WestGate Lodging!

During this wonderful season, we would like to take the time to wish everyone the Happiest of Holidays!
2018 is bringing a new name for WestGate Lodging. We have been a huge part of Oak Ridge, TN since 1984. Our new name will be Oak Ridge Lodging to reflect our commitment to the Oak Ridge Community.
WestGate came from the historic West Gates that sit in front of our property. The Oak Ridge Turnpike Checking Station, a World War II-era gatehouse in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. This station was one of several security checkpoints that filtered traffic in and out of the area’s Manhattan Project facilities. Click the icon for history on Oak Ridge TN.

We are very proud to have this Oak Ridge historic site next to our Lodging Facility here in Oak Ridge, TN. We have offered temporary housing for visitors here in Oak Ridge, TN since 1984 and it seems only fitting that we become Oak Ridge Lodging. With our new name, a new web site will be coming very shortly that will focus greatly on the history of our great city.
In the upcoming months you will see many changes to make Oak Ridge Lodging a huge staple in the Oak Ridge community. We are excited to offer this great gift for the holidays to a city that has been a wonderful asset to our business. We want to thank everyone who has visited us and invite them to come and see the wonderful things we have planned for this great community and the history it stands for.
When looking for vacation, corporate, and relocation services please look at what Oak Ridge Lodging has to offer. No matter if you plan a one-week stay, a month, or 3 months, you will love Oak Ridge Lodging. When it comes to Oak Ridge Apartments or Accommodations, we want to be your Home Away From Home.
As the managers we will see to it that you are happy with your stay. Call Gary or Cindy for all of your lodging needs in Oak Ridge, TN. We promise to make your visit affordable, comfortable, and your home away from home.
We can be reached at 865-481-0603. Happy Holidays and we hope to see you soon!

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