Oak Ridge TN. Snow Days

One of many things so positive about Oak Ridge, Tn. is our mild winters. Today it is 55 Degrees here in Oak Ridge Tennessee, yesterday it was 69. But, there is speculation that there may be 2 to 4 inches of snow in a few days, but they have been wrong before. The Oak Ridge children pray, let it snow! Last year was a very mild winter and we did not have many snow days. Happy adults, but unhappy children. The year before, the children must have prayed extra hard. We had so much snow the children received the good news, Oak Ridge Schools closed for 9 days, and they had snow for two weeks to play with.

I am like the children in Oak Ridge, I love when we get the snow. We have some hills here on the property of Oak Ridge Lodging. When it snows the kids will get out the sleds, or storage bin lids, and slide for hours, only to come in to warm up and to down some hot chocolate with marshmallows.

The pond at the back of the Oak Ridge Lodging is drained ever winter but when the snow falls it looks like it is still full of water, and even fools some of the wildlife. You will see footprints in the snow from different animals like deer, raccoons, and several types of birds.

If you are out early enough before all of the hustle and bustle and just walk around Oak Ridge Lodging you can see some of the most amazing sights. Like the morning sunlight just starting to bounce off the newly fallen snow. I love that silence snow brings, like the new blanket of snow has covered all noise. It is quiet enough that you can hear the deer walking in the woods trying to find the first meal of the day.
Next time you are enjoying your snow day, just remember that you are not alone, think of us at Oak Ridge lodging in Oak Ridge Tennessee. It may even get you to go inside and look us up on the internet and have you plan your next getaway to visit Oak Ridge Tennessee. http://www.oakridgelodging.com

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